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Specializing in Business and Non-Profit Consulting, where the focus is Business Development Planning and Expansion, we provide years of proficient expertise for those who want to make it happen, and not wonder, “What just happened?” We will formulate a plan of action, directly through the maze of implementation and deliver a fundamental strategy.

"When  a complex situation requires decisive and effective results, take the direct approach,  find the  solution"


Established in 2003 and incorporated in 2008, Marshall and Company Inc. (MaC Inc.) a Business and Non-Profit Consulting firm that assists business owners, community organizations, and individual entrepreneurs that compete in their respective markets. Providing Advertising, Marketing, Grant-consulting and Business Development Services, our objective is to support expanding opportunities and enhance the presence of new businesses today. We have also accepted the unyielding task of aiding members of the business community and service organizations in achieving their goals and needs, by developing, connecting, and implementing business and organizational opportunities. With the composition of a strategically developed Business Plan, Marketing Plan, or Business Consulting Services we will align your company for success and deliver results with precision and effectiveness.


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